Fire Department

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The Edwardsville Fire Department is committed to excellent service for our residents, businesses and visitors. We are committed to meeting the needs of our community and delivering the highest level of life and property protection. We will achieve this by providing uncompromised customer service in an atmosphere that encourages innovation and professional development.
  1. Ambulance Service Information

    The Edwardsville Fire Department provides 1st response medical care to provide rapid intervention in medical emergencies.

  2. Annual Alarm Facts

    View the alarms that ran in 2005, 2006, and 2010.

  3. Burn Permit

    Learn how to obtain a burning permit and the regulations regarding open burning.

  4. Divisions

    Find out about the divisions from within the Edwardsville Fire Department.

  5. Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

    Keep in touch with Fire Department employment opportunities online.

  6. Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

    Pick up a tip or 2 on fire prevention from this list.

  7. Fire Stations, Equipment, & Personnel

    The Edwardsville Fire Department operates and maintains 1 fire station.

  8. Firework Information

    The State of Kansas and Edwardsville implement specific rules for fireworks usage.

  9. Home Fire Safety Instructions

    This guide outlines many basic fire prevention practices you and your family should know.

  10. News

    Peruse the Edwardsville Fire Department news and updates online.

  11. Photo Gallery

    Be immersed in the Fire Department with these action photos.

  12. Tornado Safety Tips

    Learn about what to do in the event of a tornado.