Fire Department

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The Edwardsville Fire Department is committed to excellent service for our residents, businesses and visitors. We are committed to meeting the needs of our community and delivering the highest level of life and property protection. We will achieve this by providing uncompromised customer service in an atmosphere that encourages innovation and professional development.

2021 STATS

The Edwardsville Fire Department had a busy year in 2021. EFD responded to 1,091 incidents with an average response time of 4 minutes, 28 seconds. As a point of reference, urban and suburban fire departments typically have a 9 to 10 minute response time. EFD beat that by more than 50%! See the graphic below to show you the types of incidents EFD has responded to in 2021.

EFD 21 stats
EFD completed 2,826 hours of training in 2021. Some highlights include: hazardous materials training with the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department, air ambulance training with the Bonner Springs Fire Department, vehicle extrication training, driver operator and live fire training from KUFRTI, legal aspects of EMS training from Kaw River Care & Rehab, as well as hundreds and hundreds of hours of internally created and delivered training in all aspects of fire prevention, suppression, and emergency medical service delivery. 

Training has been, and will continue to be, the Department's primary means of constant quality improvement. EFD will never be satisfied with current performance, always working to improve our service delivery to the citizens and visitors of Edwardsville!