Cemetery, Parks, and Public Spaces (CPPS) Board

CPPS Board Meetings

  • When: 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.

Board Members & Terms

Chuck Adams, Ex OfficioN/A
Margaret Shriver, Ex OfficioN/A
Ambur Duren, Vice PresidentFebruary 2021
Mike WheelerFebruary 2021
Luis Fasani, SecretaryFebruary 2022
Michael HernandezFebruary 2022
Bonnie SandburgFebruary 2022
Kenny ShawFebruary 2023
Wayne Snider, PresidentFebruary 2023
Zachary EstesFebruary 2023

The Cemetery, Parks, and Public Spaces (CPPS) Board was formed in February of 2020. This body is an extension of the previous Cemetery Board and Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. Its inaugural membership is made up of resident representatives of both of the previous groups. The purpose of the CPPS Board is to provide oversight, develop policies, and organize events for the City’s cemeteries, parks, and other public gathering places.

For questions regarding cemetery plots or details regarding funeral arrangements, please contact City Hall at 913-356-6002. 

Cemetery Address

  • 1501 S. 104th Street
    Edwardsville, KS 66111

Park Addresses

  • Edwardsville City Park, 1200 Blake St., Edwardsville, KS 66111
  • River Front Park, south end of 9th St., Edwardsville, KS 66111