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November 28, 2011


November 28, 2011
7:00 p.m.

The following councilmember’s were present with Mayor John McTaggart presiding:

Chuck Adams Mark Bishop Craig Crider Garrett Mellott Councilmember Eickhoff was not in attendance.

The following staff members were present:

Michael Webb, City Administrator
David Duckers, City Attorney
Phyllis Freeman, City Clerk
Mark Mathies, Police & Fire Chief
Gerry Cullumber, Police Captain


Councilmember Adams moved to approve the minutes. Councilmember Mellott seconded.

Mayor McTaggart requested a roll call vote. Councilmember Crider abstained, the motion passed.

STATEMENT OF BILLS - $130,490.72

Councilmember Mellott moved to approve payment of bills. Councilmember Crider seconded.

Mayor McTaggart requested a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.


None were presented.


Councilmember Bishop moved to go into a public hearing for the purpose as stated. Councilmember Mellott seconded.

Mayor McTaggart requested a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.

Administrator Webb provided information for discussion during the public hearing. The city currently has a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan for an area bounded on the west by 3rd and 4th streets, the Kansas River on the south, 9th Street on the east and the Union Pacific Railroad on the north. This plan was designed to support revitalization of the residential area that includes multi-family and a limited commercial district. The proposed K-32 plan is directed at commercial/retail development along K-32 from 94th Street to the western city limits, but includes single-family for the residential areas in the K-32 corridor. For single-family residential that includes duplexes rehabilitation abatement term is recommended for 10 years with 95% abatement with a minimum investment of $5,000. The residential section is identical to the current plan. The commercial section uses the same abatement percentage and minimum investment as the current plan, but limits the term for rehabilitation and new projects to 5 years. If approved the plan would become effective January 1, 2012 and expire on December 31, 2021.

Administrator Webb further stated with expanding the area by adopting the K-32 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan this would become a tool to attract small businesses to the area. If the rehabilitation method is requested the recommended term would be 5 years, 50% abatement and a minimum investment of $25,000. For new structures the abatement term is recommended for 5 years with 50% abatement with a minimum investment of $250,000.

Administrator Webb stated the city will request each of the other taxing entities; Unified School District #204, Wyandotte County and the Kansas City Kansas Community College to adopt the plan as was done with the existing plan.

Administrator Webb commented on the possibility of charging an application fee especially in the commercial districts as is done with Industrial Revenue Bonds, Tax Increment Financing and other policies there is a fee. He is researching the issue as he is unsure if a fee can be charged. Input from the Council or the public of whether there should be a charge when someone would want to apply for one of these programs.

Councilmember Bishop asked how much additional time is used by staff in the application process.

Administrator Webb stated there is some staff time involved. The applicant must complete the application staff then reviews the application; if it meets the requirements then it goes to the next step of applying for a building permit; not hours of staff time. Most of the work is done at the tax office and they retain 5% which is statutory.

Councilmember Bishop stated if it’s like getting a building permit then doesn’t take staff a great amount of time there should not be a fee.

Mayor McTaggart agreed no application fee.

Councilmember Adams asked about the proposed boundaries and addressed areas that should be included in the K-32 Corridor. He felt that with these inclusions it would be more complete and include all developmental properties.

Administrator Webb stated following property lines from the eastern boundary of the city which is 94th Street to the northern point of the V that includes all the developmental properties in the eastern city limits. With the changes adoption can be done at the next council meeting in December.

Mayor McTaggart opened the floor for public comment.

Heinz Rodgers, 650 Edwardsville Drive asked if there was any difference in the original K-32 Overlay District compared to this one and is that where the drawing came from.

Administrator Webb stated it was not but very close. In the K-32 Overlay District it was determined to be 150 feet from the centerline, now it follows property lines.

Mr. Rodgers stated he agreed with the change to go by property lines. If it’s still in the overlay district it is still subject to review by the Architectural Review Committee and all channels as originally established.

Administrator Webb stated it is still subject to the zoning rules.

Mr. Rodgers agreed there should not be any additional fees.

Councilmember Mellott stated that one area that should be included is the property across the highway from the Dollar General store on the north side of K-32.

Administrator Webb stated the changes will be made to include the areas addressed this evening and staff will bring the matter back before the City Council at the next meeting.

Councilmember Crider moved to close the public hearing. Councilmember Bishop seconded.

Mayor McTaggart requested a roll call vote. The motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Webb reported that the city was able to secure all needed properties to complete this project. No ordinance needs to be adopted. Staff stayed within the budget in acquiring the needed parcels.



Administrator Webb reported:

City Hall Day is scheduled for February 1, 2012 in Topeka. The day starts off with time to meet with our legislative delegations. In the afternoon they present updates to those in attendance.

Mayor McTaggart stated discussion has been to change the format. He will know more after the December 9th Governing Body Meeting.

Administrator Webb stated it takes up most of the day. Staff tries to set up meetings with our legislative delegation.

At the December 12th meeting there will be a budget amendment to be considered to stay compliant with states statutes regarding budgets.

He has been attending (STP) State Transportation Plan committee meetings. Federal highway funds are allocated every year that goes to the state, then to cities for specific projects goes through this STP committee. Each year funds have to be committed to that year. For the 2012 federal fiscal year they have to spend the money allocated for that year in 2013 and 2014. There is money not committed so that projects that have been set for 2014 now go into the 2013 projects, then 2013 projects then are moved to 2012 to use the allocation of funds. However projects have to be at a certain place to get commitment of these funds. Because of that 2014 may have excess funding, several million dollars. We had applied for funding under the 2013-2014 programs and did not get selected. Now they are considering looking at projects that were submitted but not selected and taking those projects only and placing them in the current program. He will be applying for those funds. We must match those funds. The project is to complete Edwardsville Drive from top to bottom. It’s about a point six million dollar project, we would ask for five point million in federal funds and 1.3 million in local funds. We are not sure of how much we would get, if we get any, but we are possibly looking at 2 to 2.5 million dollars which is still a good deal. We would have to issue bonds to do the project. Our financial manager ran a quick number and on 5% interest it would be about $200,000 a year. Now we are sitting on 3% interest rates but not knowing time frames. It would all be worth it to complete Edwardsville Drive.

Councilmember Bishop stated with the money from the casino it should be spent on infrastructure, this would be a good place for those funds.

Administrator Webb stated it is his intention to move forward not knowing the chances, there may be others asking for the funding, he was not aware of any. There are projects on the books that they may be able to expand the federal funds because they did not get the full 80% match. They are looking at several options he wants to give them one more.

Councilmember Adams asked when it will be coming before the (TTPC) Total Transportation Planning Commission.

Administrator Webb stated it will be presented at the December TTPC meeting.

Councilmember Mellott asked if previous plans for Edwardsville Drive that had been around for the last 20 years had been reviewed. He felt that studies had been done in the ninety’s.

Administrator Webb stated a purpose and need study was done in 2009, in that study alignments, preliminary cost, what type of right-of-way would be needed, how much right-of-way, cost for the right-of-way that information came from the 2009 study.

Councilmember Mellott stated Edwardsville Drive needs worked on now before winter sets in.

Administrator Webb stated the engineering contract we have includes doing some type of basic maintenance. The money being spent to do that portion is using all of the available bond funds and money through the state and through the county.

Councilmember Mellott stated that should be a priority now. If we have to cut money from somewhere else it needs to be done to work on that street.


Chief Mathies reported two small structure fires, a shed and a chimney fire.


No report at this time.


Councilmember Bishop stated a website named www. The IKEA Company that makes furniture and cabinets is giving away $25,000 to remodel a kitchen at a fire station.

Chief Mathies stated we could use some updating.

Councilmember Bishop requested to have the city charter reviewed and possibly make some changes. He recommended forming a committee of two members of the council, the mayor, administrator and a city hall staff member.

Administrator Webb agreed some changes are needed.

Mayor McTaggart agreed and directed Administrator Webb to start putting information together to start working on it in February.

Councilmember Adams stated it’s good to see that the trees are planted.

Mayor McTaggart reminded everyone of the tree lighting ceremony is set for Tuesday, November 29th at 6:00 p.m.

Mayor McTaggart also reminded everyone that the food drive is still going on until December 15th.


Councilmember Crider moved to adjourn at 7:40 p.m. Councilmember Bishop seconded.

Mayor McTaggart declared the motion passed unanimously.

Phyllis Freeman
City Clerk
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