Development Plan Review

Zoning District

There are 4 overlay zoning districts in Edwardsville. If you are proposing development of a property that is located in 1 of the 4 overlay district areas the proposed development is subject to development plan review.

Review Process

Development plan review requires the submission of proposed site and architecture plans for review by the Design Review Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council. The submitted plans are also reviewed by city staff and consultants for design and technical compliance with a variety of development requirements.

Generally, Development Plan Review is a 2 step process involving the submission of preliminary plans and final plans with a Development Plan Application (PDF). In some cases it is suggested that a sketch or conceptual plan review be conducted. The same application form may be used when submitting sketch or conceptual plans.

The 4 overlay districts - Riverview, I-435, K-32 and Industrial - are identified on the Edwardsville Zoning Map (PDF). Specific regulations applicable to property in these districts can be found in the Zoning Ordinance. A copy of applicable sections of the zoning code are available by calling City Hall at 913-441-3707.