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House Watch

The House Watch Program is a service provided to Edwardsville residents which is intended to enhance the security of their homes while they are on vacation or otherwise away from their residence for a lengthy period. It is designed to provide useful information to the district officer on such residences in his/her patrol district. When carried out properly, it can also serve as a valuable crime prevention tool.

Generally, the house watch will not exceed 60 days in duration. A resident may call on the last day of the house watch period to have it extended in the event of an emergency. The Edwardsville Police Department also request that if you return earlier than planned please contact us so that we may remove your request from the house watch rotation.

House Watch Form

The House Watch form can be completed online or by printing the form (PDF) and bringing it into the office. The form is also available at the police department if you would like to stop in and fill one out. This program continues to allow the Edwardsville Police Department the opportunity to assist the citizens in keeping Edwardsville a safe place to live.

If you have any questions regarding this program please feel free to call 913-441-6983 and speak with an officer about the program.

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