Patrol Units

Sergeant Bradley Todd

Brad Todd came to the Edwardsville Police Department in August 2013. A graduate of the University of Kansas in 2010 he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. He graduated the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in 2013.

In September 2015, Bradley Todd was promoted to Master Patrol Officer.  He was again promoted in November 2016 to Sergeant in Patrol.

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Sergeant Josh Brooks

Josh Brooks joined the Edwardsville Police Department, and graduated from the 197th Session of the Kansas Basic Training Academy at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center located in Hutchinson, Kansas in 2008.

He began his career as a patrol officer and was promoted to Master Patrol Officer in 2014. In addition to his patrol and supervisory responsibilities, Brooks is one of the Department’s Field Training Officers (FTO), a range officer for the department, has Crisis Intervention Training, and is a TASER Instructor.  In addition to these certifications, Sergeant Brooks is also a NRA Certified Firearms instructor.

Josh Brooks also received the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police Gold Award for Exceptional Police Service on May 13th 2015.  He was promoted to Sergeant in October 2017.

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Sergeant Jacob Herron

Jacob Herron began his career in 2001 as a Correctional Officer for the Pike County, Illinois Sheriff’s Department. He served in this capacity until 2003 when he was hired as a Deputy Sheriff for the same department. Officer Herron graduated from the Illinois State Police Academy in March of 2003. He served as Deputy Sheriff until he and his family moved to the Kansas City area in 2013. He graduated from the 226th session of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in December 2013. 

Jacob Herron worked as an officer for the Kansas City Kansas Community College Police Department until being hired onto the Edwardsville Police Department in July of 2015. Officer Herron is a Certified Crisis Intervention officer. He looks forward to serving the City of Edwardsville. Jacob Herron was promoted to Master Patrol Officer in November 2016 and Sergeant in November 2017.

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Sergeant Patrick Johnson

Patrick served in the United States Army from 1996 to 2005, when he joined the Shawnee Kansas Police Department. In 2010, he joined the McLouth Kansas Police Department, where he served until joining the Edwardsville Police Department in 2013.

Patrick Johnson is a certified Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Level I and II inspector, a certified D.A.R.E officer, and an advanced traffic accident investigator.  In April 2016, Patrick Johnson was promoted to Master Patrol Officer, and in May 2018 was promoted to Sergeant.

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Master Patrol Officer (MPO) John Cullum

A native Kansan, John Cullum is a 1997 graduate of Turner High School in Kansas City, Kansas. He moved to Michigan for a short time where he furthered his career and completed the Toledo Ohio Police Basic Police Academy then worked in the Toledo area before moving back to Kansas in 2008. Upon moving to the Kansas City area, he worked for the Merriam, Kansas Police Department prior to joining the Edwardsville Police Department in 2009.

MPO John Cullum is a Certified Field Training Officer (FTO), Certified Crisis Intervention Officer, and also serves as the D.A.R.E/SRO Officer at the Edwardsville Elementary School. John Cullum was promoted to MPO in October 2017.

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Master Patrol Officer (MPO) Alex Gould

Alex served in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division from 2007-2011. He attained the rank of Sergeant as a Forward Observer with one deployment to Afghanistan. Upon his return, he attended Johnson County Community College where he continues to work towards a degree. 

Alex graduated the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office police academy in December 2015 and has worked as a Deputy in both the County Detention and County Dispatch centers. Alex joined the Edwardsville Police Department in December 2016. 

Alex was promoted to Master Patrol Officer June 2018.

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Master Patrol Officer (MPO) Michael Hart

Michael Hart began his law enforcement career in August of 2014 when he started working as a Detention Officer with the Lyon County Sheriff's Office. Hart graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in May 2015.   Hart came to the Edwardsville Police Department in July of 2015 and graduated the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, Kansas in October 2015.

Michael was promoted to Master Patrol Officer June 2018.  

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Officer Peter Yazbec

Peter Yazbec graduated from the University of Dubuque in 2007, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Yazbec started with the City of Edwardsville as the Public Works Director in 2013. He served in that capacity until May of 2016. 

He has always had the desire to pursue law enforcement and was offered the opportunity with the Edwardsville Police Department in May 2016. He graduated in the 241st class at the  Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, Kansas on September 30th, 2016.

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Officer Kyle Rector

Officer Kyle Rector started in Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff in Thurston County, Nebraska. He received his Law Enforcement certification as a graduate of the 174th Basic Class at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. After relocated to the Kansas City Metro area he worked briefly in Security Supervision before joining the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Police Department in 2014. He received his Kansas Law Enforcement Certification in February 2015. 

Officer Rector joined the Edwardsville Police Department in January of 2017. He hold an Associate’s Degree in Police Science and has Certification for the Crisis Intervention Team. 

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Officer Daniel Fleming

Officer Daniel Fleming graduated from Washburn University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Law Enforcement. With his degree he also received a minor in Psychology. He joined the Edwardsville Police Department in March 2017 where he began his law enforcement career. While going through school, Daniel was an intern at the Olathe Police Department in 2016. Prior to working in law enforcement, Daniel worked security for 2 1/2 years, with one being in a supervisory position.

Officer Fleming graduated the 246th Basic Training Class at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, Kansas in September 2017.

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Christopher Diehn

Officer Christopher Diehn

A Native Kansan, Christopher Diehn graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School and then went into the US Air Force from 1985 to 1991. He then transferred into the US Air Force Reserve and retired after 20 years. Officer Diehn started his part-time law enforcement career with the Mission Police Department in October 2011 through October 2015.  

He graduated the 41st part-time law enforcement academy at KLETC on April 27th, 2012. Christopher joined the Edwardsville Police Department in May 2017 and currently works as Court Security Officer.

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Officer Christi McChesney

Officer Christi McChesney served in the United States Air Force from 1999 to 2005, where she was stationed in San Antonio, Texas. Christi then went on to earn her Associates of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science in 2011 from San Antonio College, after completing an internship with the San Antonio Police Department.

Officer McChesney worked as a Corrections Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for one year before going back to San Antonio College for a Law Enforcement certification, earning her Peace Officer’s License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement in 2013. Officer McChesney worked for the Orange Grove Police Department in Orange Grove, Texas, as a School Resource Officer, and then became a Patrol Officer with the Yoakum Police Department in Yoakum, Texas in 2015. Officer McChesney currently holds a certification as a Level 1 Forensic Technician.

Officer McChesney recently moved to Kansas from Texas, and is continuing her Law Enforcement Career with the Edwardsville Police Department.  She was hired on in October 2017 with Edwardsville. 

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Officer Caden Dierks

Caden Dierks joined the Edwardsville Police Department in January 2018. As a graduate of Kansas State University, in 2016, Caden earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology. Caden is also a member of the United States National Guard. He attended the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, and graduated in June 2018.

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Officer Brandon Green

Officer Brandon Green began his law enforcement career in 2013 at the Shawnee Police Department. He first graduated from the Johnson County Regional Police Academy in 2014. Brandon then obtained his Criminal Justice Degree from the Kansas City Community College in 2017. While at the Shawnee Police Department he was awarded the Life Saving Medal in August 2017. Officer Green joined the Edwardsville Police Department June 2018. He looks forward to continuing his career in the City of Edwardsville.

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Early Photo

Officer Levi Early

Levi Early , a native Kansan, joined the Edwardsville Police Department in July 2018. Officer Early comes to us after working as a Corrections Advisor with the Johnson County Department of Corrections. While there he ensured the safety of clients and visitors, and transported clients to and from various locations. He also worked as a Deputy Sheriff at the Wyandotte County Sherriff’s Department and as a Corrections Officer at the Leavenworth Detention Center.

Officer Early has several certifications including CPR/AED, Firearms, OC Spray, and Taser certification. He also has been trained in Defensive Tactics, Crisis Intervention, and Natural Response Control Tactics. Levi will attend KLETC to obtain his Law Enforcement Certification in the fall of 2018.

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