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The Edwardsville storm shelter was remodeled in 2000 and was converted into a community center for rental opportunities. The main function of the building still serves as the storm shelter for the Edwardsville Mobile Home Village during inclement weather, but when it is not in use for that purpose, it is a very nice and spacious banquet hall which seats approximately 300 people comfortably.

Community Center Amenities

Tables and chairs are provided. It is also equipped with a kitchenette which includes a stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator. It has recessed panel lighting which adds special effects for dancing or evening entertainment. It is a single level, wheel chair accessible, non smoking facility.

Rental Agreement

The security deposit will be refunded upon successful completion of a walk through with a staff member. Rental agreement applications and rules and regulations are available at City Hall. View the Community Center Rental Agreement online by CLICKING HERE. Long-term application is also available. View the long-term rental application by CLICKING HERE. Please call 913-356-6000, ext. 1 for inquiries regarding rental prices or reservations.

Community Center Alcohol Regulations

Community Center Guidelines

Please note that the following form is not a Rental Agreement. It is an Availability Inquiry!

Community Center Availability Inquiry

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