Alarm Registration

The City of Edwardsville adopted Ordinance 981 in March 2017 enacting regulations governing both commercial and residential alarm systems. The ordinance prohibits operation of an alarm system without having first registered it with the City. There is no fee associated with the registration; however, failure to register an alarm system can result in an administrative fee and/or a fine assessed by the Edwardsville Municipal Court.

Registration of alarm systems will assist the City in providing a more effective and efficient response to the ever-growing number of alarm calls received each year. Completed Alarm Registration forms can be returned to the address indicated on the form by no later than January 31st of each year.

You may also email the completed form via email to the police clerk @

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my alarm and how often?

Yes, the city requires ALL Edwardsville residents and businesses who own and operate an alarm system to register their alarm with the city and update their alarm information annually.

You will be required to keep your alarm information updated with the City of Edwardsville. Reminder notices will be mailed out each December and the complete forms are due back before the 31st of January.

How do I register my alarm?

You can register your alarm online by completing the online form.

The Alarm Registration form (PDF) can be printed and sent it in via mail, fax, or email. You can also complete this form in person by going to the Police Department.

What is considered a nuisance alarm?

(a) False alarms. Any alarm which elicits a response from the police and/or fire departments more than three times in a calendar year when no emergency exists is defined as a nuisance alarm. Exempt from this definition are newly installed alarms which shall receive a grace period of 30 days or four false alarms, whichever occurs first; alarm signals caused by extraordinary conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances beyond control of the owner, operator, or contractor; and alarm systems owned or operated by any governmental political unit.

(b) Direct telephone alarms. Any alarm which is programmed to automatically dial any telephone number, listed or unlisted, directly into any city department for the purpose of transmitting a voice recording of any emergency message.

(c) Disturbing alarms. Any alarm which emits an audible or visible signal which is not automatically discontinued within 15 minutes of activation.

(d) Unregistered alarm systems. Any alarm system which is not registered with the City.

It shall further be unlawful for any person to transmit an alarm of any kind knowing that such alarm is false or that no emergency exists.

Are there any fees associated with the Nuisance Alarm Ordinance?

Alarm Registration Fee $0.00

Failure to Register or Update Registration $50.00

Late Payment Fee (per month) $20.00

1st, 2nd, and 3rd False Alarm (within any 12 months period) $0.00

4th and 5th False Alarm $50.00

6th and 7th False Alarm $100.00

8th and 9th False Alarm $200.00

10th False Alarm and subsequent false alarms $300.00